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A like … animals.

Today I have been in a zoo with my ancestors, I watched living things existing. I couldn't call their being “a real life” like I speak of peoples lives. The penguins, for example, are very dependent on their orderlies (they haven't got food they could take everytime like the giraffes e. g.). In addiction to that the animals are watched most time of their everyday life. It’s like you're watched like a picture in a museum, but neither somebody cares about who is the creator, nor why he felt so, how the picture is drawn there. Imagine, all the visitors would want to see you just because of your superficial rarity, but your fears and wishes won’t belong to you for them. You would feel like an object, won’t you? I’m sure, I would.
That’s why I’ve thought about a solution. The workers in every zoo should take care that there aren’t more than three animals of every kind. “Why exactly three?” you want to know. It’s easy, you need one male and one female adult animal of a kind to make a difference between them, and you should see a baby of them, too. You don’t really need more than three camels, do you? These animals don’t need a limited life, so the others should live like their ancestors did. “And what about if an animal should became pregnant again?” you ask. It would be OK, but there should be not more than a family of a kind. The families should be as small as possible. I’m of the opinion that the animals need liberty! We aren’t allowed to make them our slaves, because we haven’t created them. They aren’t objects! That’s why I wrote this.
I hope the new born ones will enjoy freedom in other families. Animals should stay animals, they need to go hunting, they need get to know animals in similar age, but in the zoo they shouldn’t, so they can’t. Please think about it twice before you decide to believe that it’s OK how it is. I don’t think so! What about you now?
Look at them, but remember, they shouldn’t stay a gallery!

The camels don't look happy, do they?

Animals aren't out of wood! [a sad example with the kangaroo, isn't it?]

Even trees have got a heart.^^


31.10.09 23:27

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