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Being in chains because ...

PAST  is gone and future may have lost the <-cart-> to find me.

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 "You left the story I made for you...


You've left me blind in paradise.
You've left me hungering for the touch of you..

 _ _ _ ___________________________________ _ _ _

We had to draw our periods of life in the philosophylesson. How we felt and how we want to plan our future, too. The chart showed me a lot. Everytime I saw the line rising up, it has been because I had fallen in love or I believed I've found "a soulmate". And when the line goes down I had to remember why I draw it exactly so, there weren't only two reasons...

Today I may know better what I really wish for future. I've recognized that I think every day about my life in a way which pulls me down not because I need compassion, NO, it's because I need understanding. First my own, 'cause there are some things I regret and don't really understand. The compassion is now the one thing I need as much as a test in chemistry...

But the understanding for some kinds of my behaiviour, that's what will make me trying to learn something from my mistakes. And I want this, not just because I know that I have to.

2.11.09 19:41

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