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Sometimes I ask myself strange things, but maybe you unterstand what I mean.

When I was a little girl, I searched my way, tried a lot of things my parents want me to learn. But there are some activities I enjoy doing because nobody wants me to do this. Writing songtects for example. Or taking photos of everything I think of that it should be seen. Or drawing pictures of my relationsship to persons who are very important for me.

I can't imagine a life without music... It's not because music makes you forgetting or even feel harder your fears or problems, it's because I need it like a child needs his or her mother. Nobody is perfekt, but some songs oftens seem to be it. They let me feel something more intensive in contrast to if I never get to know the melody and the lyrics. Some songs have great quotes which sometimes describe my life exactly, most don't, but there a so much wonderful melodies... Music is my drug! But it's better, much better than drugs, I think so.

If I never began to play keyboard and singing, I won't escape into this world, and I won't have so much hope. I'm not a great singer and I'm as bad at playing keyboard, but I enjoy doing both. Hopefully there will be more musicians who love the music, not the money, in future. Every language I listen to in songs is special, and I could never really say which is the best. English means something mystical and a bit fereign for me, but I enjoy a lot of songs I couldn't imagine to be performed in German e.g. But songs from Germany have got sothing warm and trustful, they are more honest to me. Maybe because I've spend half of my life here. Russian music is very nice, too. There are some russian metalbands, too, did you know? And a gothic-industrial-rockband from Moscow is called Deform. I get them to know with help of a chance, like I found most of my favorite bands. Spanish music is beautiful, too, there is no doubt. There is  russian singer, Dima Bilan who won the european songcontest in 2008, his song "Believe" was performed by him not just in English, there is video with English, Russian and Spanish parts. I'm not really his fan, but this version is great. Italian music is expressively, too. It doesn't really care which language you prefer, I thing the most important thing is the text, and how the singer relates himself or herself to it. Leone Lewis, for example, can sing a lot of songs very authentical, but she never wrote one. ...

Back to the topic. If I couldn't spend my time by listening and living music, I had always to read books to get emotions and to ask myself wuestions about lief, what I'm doing often after enjoy music. Books are great things, too. The best thing they make you learn is that you have got a lot of fantasy.^^ And it's true, 'cause everybody could write a book, but not everybody could make others feeling totally understood afters reading some sentences.

And if I couldn't read anymore? Than I would listen to my friends stories about the life.^^ But they never will be as good as some authors describe the life of a person who never existed. Nancy Rue is a great author. She knows how to make the reader feel worried about a life which havent a lot in common with your own. But in the end ... you recognize that the main person is more similar to you than it seems to be. An very interessting book which isn't new, but shows you some current peroblems in our society is called "When Rabbit Howls" and is written by Trudi Chase and her psychotherapist. Whan I red about the contents I was shoked and I doesn't really understood how this could happen to a person. I would like to recomment it to everybody who is interested in psychology, mabe this video will interesstimg for you, it's very emotional...

And if all my friend would leave me, I would draw everything I haven't. I don't mean objects. Just all magic that won't be there. And if this won't help to save my life, I would go on acting somebody I never will be for my camera, it's a lot of fun, too.

So, there are SO MUCH things a person can do, why don't you start one of them, when you're bored next time? Have fun! [ ;

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